by Cockheart LTD December 06, 2016

So after about a year and a half of trading, and close to a week of trading from our new webshop, it feels about time to write Cockheart’s very first blog post. It has been an incredible year and a half as a Cockheart co-owner.

I can't believe how lucky I am, not only be able to build my own business, but also to do it with three of my absolute best friends Mathias, Bence, and Marjana. If that wasn’t enough we also happen to have the best customers in the world, so many of you are not only returning customers but also what I would consider social media friends by now. There can’t possibly be a job in the world that beats that. Cockheart Family is a real thing, and I love to watch it grow <3

For months now we have been dreaming of a new website, but lack of confidence in ourselves/our technical skills have meant it has constantly been put on hold. However, as it turned out, Mathias proved himself quite the tech-savvy website designer, and virtually produced our new online platform himself (with some help from Shopify and Chema <3)! We finally have the website we have wanted for so long, and omg - how proud I am of how it turned out!

Naturally it's not Mathias' skills alone that made the website so incredible and the list of people who's played a vital part is long, and I’m hoping to not leave anyone out so here it goes:

The beautiful product photos used on the website are (as always) shot by Eivind, and (as always) the models are handpicked from our incredibly large group of beautiful, cool, weird, creative group of friends. I swear to God i can sit for hours flicking through all the photos of Becky, Harry, Meghna, Olaoncé, Elly, Gabriele and Ane. I'm absolutely blown away and I’m so proud to have you guys, in make up and hair as perfectly done by Lauren, as the faces of Cockheart <3

            cockheart queer unisex london brand cock tee cockheart queer unisex london underground fashion brand cock tee

With the new website we finally managed to give the videos we've been so lucky to have had made for us the focus they deserve.

The promo-video on the front page is the first video we had made, and I had forgotten how much I love the work Leif did with models Eivind, Ego, Vera & Mia. The music, also contributed by Leif aka Luxure XO, and make-up by Sophie, so perfectly illuminated the Cockheart ethos captured in the video, I don't think we could have done it better any other way.

Cock heart Cockheart tee black white underground london brand


It's no secret that most of our shoots tend to end up resembling parties and, despite Stepan's A-1 capacity to direct, the models in our main promo video were definitely not just pretending to party. We had the most incredible day in the HTBX launch-pad where Rodri and Becky didn’t just open their door to us, but also blessed us with their dj-skillz and their stylish appearance in the video.

From early morning until late evening we, the film team (an impressive group of 9-10 people led by Stepan and Emmet) - and our incredible models, partied all the way down from the depths of the London underground - all the way up to the top of HTBX headquarters. Sophie once again did an amazing job with make up on Harry, Martina, Thom, Tom Mee, Vera, Nicole-adaeze, Elaine, Sam, Aaron, Al Ly, Ethan & Yucel <3

Our love for techno made Venice Calypso our first choice for soundtrack, and we were over the moon when Sebastian let us use one of his amazing tracks, which alongside the incredible editing job done by Harvey, really was the cherry on the cake Now we're just waiting for Cockheart to make enough money to hire Stepan as our full time director, so that we can have him back in London <3


The photos from our shoot with Poem have been laying around waiting for a chance to shine, and with the new website it was time. An amazing day out with Poem, Becky, Ricardo, Adam, Roman and Ane (who also did styling), pluss the awesome MUA David, resulted in the photos you can see as you scroll down the front page.

Cockheart x poem baker cock tee undergound east london queer shoot clubkids


We have already had our first collaboration: The beautiful Cockheart necklaces made by Nikki Marilyn (which have been glued around my neck since we received them), and we are in the process of collaborating with so many more amazing creative people in the coming year.

cockheart necklace queer unisex fashion london underground

I just can’t wait to see myself, and to show all of you, what 2017 holds for Cockheart.

Love, Elise <3

Cockheart LTD
Cockheart LTD


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