Rave Mask


The Tea: 

Black foam face mask printed with the iconic Cockheart logo. It's the end of the world but make it fashion. 

These masks are comfortable to wear, add an extra layer of protection between you and your fav dance partners/yoga buddies/kebab makers, AND ALL PROCEEDS GO TO EXIST LOUDLY. 

**PLEASE NOTE** these masks are meant for fashion and to give you an extra layer of defense when you're out and about. They are not as effective as a surgical face mask. Follow official health guidelines, wash your hands and rave safe. 🖤🖤🖤


BIG THANKS to all who helped us raise over £200 for @mermaidsgender by buying our rave masks.

All profits from future mask sales will go towards Exist Loudly, an organisation set up by @tanyacompas, to support queer black young people in London and beyond. Young queer black people deserve a space for joy, space for community, space to find chosen family and a space to explore their identity as being both queer and Black, without feeling like they have to minimise or hide any parts of themselves.


Size: One size fits all 

Mask: Polyurethane sponge printed with sustainable PU vinyl print