About Us



More than a streetwear brand, Cockheart, born in East London, breathes a philosophy, aiming to provoke but never offend - A safe space for everyone, however you identify yourself.

Whatever your interpretation of the symbol, we want our clothes to inspire you, we want you to look- and feel-good wearing them, and we want you to have fun. We seek to challenge heteronormative values and rituals by creating an icon-based identity queer people can congregate around. 

We should all have the freedom to present our authentic selves, and to celebrate how beautifully diverse we are. 

Cockheart Club

Geographical and social borders aside, we want to bring together the rave and the club kid scenes across the globe and create a collision of worlds at our parties. Combining the wonders of artistic expression of the club kids and the live and let live attitude of ravers everywhere, we want to develop spaces where we can all reflect on our lives.

Cockheart has always been conscious in showcasing the talent that comes from within the collective, whether they be DJs, models, photographers, designers, etc., acting as an extended hand and a platform for talent within our localities; a thriving family.

The logo is where we started - a cock interlaced with a heart. Where the cock can signify something provocative, the heart balances this with love and acceptance. We invite you to fuck things up just the way you are, but do it without judgement or negativity towards others - we all occupy the dance-floor as our unapologetic, authentic selves, with the same validity as each other. It’s socially anarchistic; coming together through our similarities and refusing to feel a divide between our differences. We thrive off of equality, not authority.

We're always welcoming you to come and escape the daily grind, shake off the week’s bullshit and leave it behind as we rise together on the dance-floor and beyond. Together we have made a haven of the rave scene, rising collaboratively towards a future where we stand united, educating, sharing, and supporting each other.

Join us in our journey.


Front Page Images by Barney Pau // Instagram: @paufaux 

Front Page Video: 

Camera: Maciek Groman hawtphotography.co.uk
Creative Director: Ane Kruse
Edit: Marta Brodacka
Soundtrack: Vladimir Strabykin / Lokiboi music