About Us


Established in 2014 Cockheart is a fashion brand founded in the East London queer scene and run by East London queers. We relaunched with new co-ownership and branding in Summer 2015. The logo itself is designed by Bence Baranyai who's aim was to create an iconic symbol, and a brand, that encompassed a union of traditionally masculine and feminine traits in one image. 

Whatever your interpretation of the symbol, we want our clothes to inspire you, we want you to look- and feel- good wearing them, and we want you to have fun. We seek to challenge heteronormative values and rituals by creating a icon-based identity queer people can congregate around.

The four owners of Cockheart are all dedicated to the empowerment of LGBTQI+ people and the celebration of our diverse culture and expression. Our dream is to build a world wide community, and act as a form of 'safe haven' for all the beautiful queers around the world. Quite ambitious, we know, but you've got to dream big.

We should all have the freedom to present our authentic selves, and to celebrate how beautifully diverse we are. That's what Cockheart is all about.

Cockheart now has an international social media following and trades globally through its online store.

Join us in our journey.


Product Pictures: Eivind Hansen // http://www.eivindhansen.com // Instagram @eivindhansen 

Make Up: Lauren Elise // Instagram @lauren_elise_26


Front Page Video: Camera: Maciek Groman hawtphotography.co.uk
Creative Director: Ane Kruse
Edit: Marta Brodacka
Soundtrack: Vladimir Strabykin / Lokiboi music


Front Page Pictures: Poem Baker // http://poembaker.co.uk // Instagram @poembaker


About Us Video: Stepan Panov // www.stepanpanov.co.uk // Instagram @stepanpanov

Cinematography: Emmet Holmes-Boyes

Edit: Harvey Cash

Music: Sebastian Bartz // Instagram @sebastianbartz 

Models: so many fit friends // coming soon